You’ve heard of racing pigeons; how about racing hawks? While the Goderich-Exeter Railway Company’s freight train was passing through a valley near Mitchell, a hawk decided to follow along. The train was traveling at 25 mph and for some time, the hawk was flying right alongside the engineer’s window. You could almost reach out and touch him. You could see that he was having fun!

Then he swooped up and took the lead, flying right over the tracks and putting on a real show. It made you think of a ballet dancer as you watched his graceful motion. Occasionally he would land on a bare branch to watch the train go by. The he would swoop up and over the top of the train again, flying right in front of it. He kept this up for miles.

So not only do motorists race trains, but birds do too.

Elizabeth Willmot Kettlewell, Clinton, Ontario, Canada