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Uses of Breeding Bird Atlas Data

The primary goal of a Breeding Bird Atlas is to determine the distribution of all species which are breeding within a given area. But an atlas can also produce a wealth of additional environmental information.

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What is a Breeding Bird Atlas?

A breeding bird atlas is a book which describes all of the birds that have been recorded breeding within a specific region. This book is assembled from a very large collection of records compiled by birdwatchers in that region during a specific time period.

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What are the Accomplishments of Citizen Science?

One of the benefits of a citizen science project is that there are many participants, spread over a large geographic area. It is the combination of all the data from each participant within a single database that endows your data with immense scientific power.

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What is citizen science?

Citizen science is the term for scientific projects in which the average citizen can take part. The project itself is set-up and monitored by professional biologists and scientists but much of the field work contribution, in the form of collected data, comes from ordinary citizens.

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