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Bird Identification

Body Sizes of North American Owls

The 20 owl species in North America exhibit a great range in body sizes. While size itself is not the best diagnostic trait for identification, it is a useful characteristic to help dwindle the number of possible choices.

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Five Tips for improving your bird identification skills

There are several things that all birdwatchers, from absolute beginner to seasoned veteran, can do to improve their identification skills. Most of these are common sense ideas but it’s worth mentioning them because they are such useful practices. And even though these tips are most useful for beginners, anyone can benefit from them.

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Ten Tips to Help Avoid Mis-Identifying Birds

One of the frustrations that many novice birders run into is the tendency to mis-identify a lot of the birds they see, especially those birds which belong to the more difficult groups, such as the sparrows and flycatchers.

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How to Begin Identifying Birds

Is bird identification a skill, an art or just good science? Well, in fact, it’s a combination of all three. For instance, it takes some skill to tell one species of warbler from another, whereas distinguishing between juvenile Empidonax flycatchers is an art form, and both talents combined result in good field science.

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